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Humble Beginnings...

 The Weird Society began in 1995 when Renee Perry took an acting class with Maria Muniz and Courtney Russell. During one class, when they were bored and waiting for their cues, Courtney began to tell her friends of her extra-terrestial origins, and demonstrated several of her powers. Renee, inspired by this exciting development, went straight home and drew a six page comic book, the Adventures of Superkid.
  At the end of this comic, Renee inserted herself as Superkid's new sidekid, HyperChild, the Girl of the Perpetual Sugar Rush. HyperChild, however, did not want to remain a sidekick for long. And other people took an interest in this new pasttime.
  Superkid and HyperChild had not even fought crime in a second issue when Maria made her debut as that Psychic Socialite, Kid Psycho.

It's Alive!

  Soon, everyone else wanted to get in on the fun. For artistic integrity, and creative inspiration, Renee took only the most interesting, and therefore weird, people around her. Maria's annoying neighbor Matt became Normal Boy. Her sister aquired the appropriate title Evil Sister. A friend at school became The Blonde Avenger and her sidekick Politically Correct Girl. Their archenemy was another student at the school, one Sexist Man. Fellow students in the influential acting class became The Prince and Flame Lad. In climax, even HyperChild's sister won her way into the comic -- with the appropriate pseudonym Annoying Girl. Not even the school's substitute teachers could escape from Renee's relentless search for villains when she created L.O.S.T. -- the Legion Of Substitute Teachers.

A Real Club

 Renee was sleeping over Maria's house one night when she had a terrific idea. Whay not write a Constitution and make the Weird Society a real club? So she and Maria went upstairs and did just that.
 The original version of this document is now kept in The Filing Cabinet in Renee's room, along with the Weird Society comics and other important Historical Documents.
 The online version, which is slightly less concerned with TV than the original, was drafted by Renee upon the founding of the Weird Society Online. Cool, huh?

The Weird Society
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