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The North American Scouts

Tasia and Brenna might seem like ordinary high school students from anywhere in the US or Canada. They go to school, and on field trips. They go trick or treating on Halloween. They fight evil in short skirts.

What? Fighting evil?

Okay, you win. They're not really typical high school students. They're also Sailor Scouts.

What's a Sailor Scout?

It's the reincarnation of a girl who lived in the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millenium. She has no memory of her past and only knows of her powers when one of an apparently limitless army of talking cats with space-themed names shows up and tells her. Then she can transform into Sailor Whoever, and go fight evil.

Oh. Okay.


Back Issues: The Beginning As the title says
The Part of Ni More silliness, and is there a plot?
Something Happens! Shock! Amaze! A Sailor Moon villain arrives, and battles ensue.
School, Fighting, and Foreshadowing Who are those mysterious girls in the guidance office?
Orbital Notation part 1, part 2, and part 3. The Orbit Scouts, the Four Sisters, and Mighty Max
The Chrismas Story How Tasia and Brenna met
Gifted Trip! When the scouts are out of town, weirdness follows them.
Change Tasia's leaving! Really. Say bye-bye. What, you don't believe me?

New: Weirdness in Concert part 1 and (coming soon, cuz my hard drive ate it) part 2 Meeting you favorite rock group is a lot more complicated than you might think.

Next episode: An American Sailor Scout in Bacolod Tasia is being chased around the world by a Mad Turk! What could he possibly want? And will Tasia be able to escape him in a city new to her?


Coming Soon

Sailor Scouts of the Philippines, featuring the Outer Orbit Scouts!
(really! I swear! There's an actual first draft on my disk! Sailor Charon is whining about it, even. And wait till Jake get finds out he's wearing one o' those leather bikinis...)
Pictures! (come on, scanner)
And maybe a Brenna solo! Or something.

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