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Impulse, or 'Bart Allen', as the kids at school call him, is one of the most interesting guys I've ever met. Seriously.

He's smart, funny, from the 30th century, cute...
Oh, don't make that face at me. Like you didn't see that coming. : )

You see, Bart is the grandson of Barry Allen, the Flash. He inherited his grandfather's super-speed powers. At first this was a problem. He was aging at superspeed as well. The government kept him in VR simulations to keep him stable, but did nothing to slow the aging. Finally his grandmother, Iris Allen, took matters into her own hands and brought Bart to the present. She hoped that her nephew Wally West, the current Flash, could help him. Eventually he did, and Bart hung around long enough to get sucked into the Terminal Velocity storyline.

Afterward, Wally was totally sick of Bart, so he got sent to live with Max Mercury, a semi-retired speedster, down south. (Manchester, Alabama) You wouldn't believe how many super-villains can show up in a small southern town. Not to mention non-super villains, semi-heroines with stage mothers, girlfriends smart enough to figure out a secret id, and really annoying school personnel.

All this and more cliffhanger endings than you can throw a sports car at!

Impulse Stats

Name: Bart Allen
A.K.A.: Impulse
Age (chronological): 2
Age (physical): 15
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Yellow
Family: father, Don Allen (deceased); mother, Melanie Thawne; grandmother, Iris Allen; grandfather, Barry Allen (deceased); cousin, Jenni Ognats (XS); cousin, Wally West (the Flash)
Lives With: Max Crandall (Max Mercury); Helen Claiborne
Arch-enemies: Le Reynard; White Lightning; the Spazz
Friends: (as Bart Allen) Carol, Preston; (as Impulse) Arrowette, Jessie Quick, Robin, the Flash

Impulse Pictures

impulse1.gif The most common Impulse pic on the net, from the cover of #2.
imp29.jpg The cover of Impulse #29.
imp32.jpg The cover of Impulse #32.
jbbart.jpg The Impulse trading card pictured at the top of the page, painted by Julie Bell. imp_card.jpg Another Impulse trading card. (Who would want to trade it?)

Impulse Links

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A side note: I am in the Philippines right now and, as you might guess, am without most of my Impulse comics. So forgive and correct me nicely if I forget something please. No Flames!

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